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The Mood Pilot Ensemble, led by Jeffrey Miller and Robyn Traill, is a music collective of creators, improvisors, innovators and composers, dedicated to the craft of music and sound for screens. Based in Nova Scotia, Canada we work across the globe, live and on-line.

Jeffrey Miller is like James Jamerson with a Masters in ethnomusicology. He brings "unique and fresh" to the music he brings to screen projects...but always in the pocket.

Robyn Traill is a woodwind specialist, and composer who insists on considering music a tantric path to self-awareness and insight. 

Jerry Granelli is a master improvisor, percussionist and film score veteran — our "groove yogin." 

Kirsty Money mixes her symphony career in violin and viola with a tribal Norwegian nickeharpe punk sensibility.

Lindsay Misiner's voice out "Janis's" Janis Joplin. Geniune, raw, compelling, Lindsay is like Lisa Gerrard raised by Aretha Franklin

Franklin Kiermyer is widely regarded as the heir to Elvin Jones, albeit with the cartoon mind of 

Danny Elfman

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